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Instant Hairstyles


Need instant, beautiful, and perfect hairstyle without having to grow it out yourself? Extensions are the answer. These pieces can give you over 20 inches of perfectly styled tresses in the time it takes to checkout at the grocery store!

Extensions are made out of either synthetic fibers or actual human material. Of course, real is preferred because it looks, feels, and acts just like regular hair! The synthetic kind can be damaged easily with heat and chemicals so really isn’t a long-term answer. If you’re wearing one several times a week, natural is the only way to go. And, of course, untreated and uncolored pieces are the most durable, the most sought after, and the most expensive.


Weaves differ in that they usually have some type of fancy braid like dreadlocks or braids. Weaves are typically worn by people who want a quick, kempt style a few times a week. If your job requires a more conservative dress style with a more traditional look, these types of accessories can really be a viable option.

These pieces can also be made of either synthetic or natural materials with the natural type being the most preferred. The following are three different types found in today’s professional beauty salons:

Bonded – The least durable of all the three, this is for wearing only every once in a while. Maybe you don’t like to fix yourself on Sundays so you use this type for church or lunch activities. They don’t last very long-typically a month or less-before they need replacing. This one actually is glued to the scalp so it works well if you have especially short curls.

Braided – This type is a two-step procedure mane piece. This natural style is actually braided into and under your existing mop so it looks very natural. This one can last up to 2 month before it needs replacing but will look very real. Most people won’t even notice.

Fused – The longest lasting, this one only needs changing approximately every 3 months, or longer. The procedure for placement involves using wax to “fuse” it to your existing mane.