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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Evolution Of Cosmetics

The use of cosmetics for the enhancement of beauty is an age-old practice. Earlier, it was more of a necessity than luxury and was restricted to medical purposes only. Natural cures were the only way out and it was confined within the local residents of a certain region.

With the advancement of science, the area specific knowledge were pooled together, samples were collected and examined rigorously in the laboratories and crystallized in the form of formulas that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

Thus, what was once a local resource turned into globally accepted and standardized products that can be produced in a mass scale! This tremendous transformation propelled businesses and artificially produced chemicals replaced the herbs. The same transformation also produced two lateral effects – one, the knowledge of herbs and associated procedures were subdued and secondly, it helped conserving those herbs and medicinal plants by saving them from mass use.

Until now, the saga is quite similar to any of the ancient procedures and traditions that have been wiped out by tsunamis of laboratory based science and commercial ventures. Take any case like that of clothing, paper, etc., something that is associated with the plant kingdom and you will notice striking similarities with the evolution of cosmetics.

At this stage, it is important to remember that the constituents of hair and beauty products also comprises of several things like special type of soils, minerals, etc. – something that can only be obtained directly from the nature and is cost-prohibitive to be formulated and mechanically produced in a laboratory-factory setting. Therefore, today’s cosmetic makers are still very much dependent on nature for a major portion of the required raw materials.

However, the dynamics of the evolution of cosmetics is gradually making a U-turn. Artificially manufactured chemicals that powers today’s hair and beauty products are responsible for numerous dermatological problems, as pointed out by professionals. Sooner or later, these undesired effects create problems for a regular user.

For some, it may be a minor rash or vigorous allergy, while for others it may be a gradual and permanent deterioration and damage of hair and skin. No matter how much startling the initial effects are in a positive sense, the scenario always has a downward slope with the passage of time.

To solve this problem, people are turning towards the herbal and natural solutions in their quest for side-effect free hair and beauty products. In the past decade, the market has seen a steady increase in the demand for Ayurvedic products in both medicine and cosmetics category.

This trend clearly indicates the gradually growing popularity of the Oriental culture which emphasizes on slow and steady improvement. The decline in the stigmas and taboos attached with certain external ailments regarding hair and skin has also encouraged people to avoid quick-fixes and opt for a more sustainable, durable and side-effect free genre of hair and beauty products.

Using Dry Shampoo

It is a wonderful solution for people who are used to washing their hair every day (and are resistant to the notion that extensions should only be washed two to three times a week).

Powder shampoos should be applied near the roots and spread through the hair with fingers. For spray-in products, hold the bottle about six inches from your head then spray at the roots. Then distribute the product with a gentle comb or brush designed for hair extensions.

How Often Should You Use it?

Although dry shampoo allows you to protect your extensions by shampooing less often, it shouldn’t be used as an everyday solution; it is meant to give your extensions a break between washes. You should use a professional shampoo for hair extensions the day after using it to thoroughly remove product residue and buildup of skin flakes.

Tips for Using Dry Shampoo

To get the most out of your dry shampoo for extensions and avoid the dangers of misuse, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Take care to apply the product near the roots. This allows the shampoo to combine with the natural oil produced by the scalp for better absorption.
  • Wait a full two to five minutes before styling your hair after applying it so that it has time to absorb into the hair.
  • Apply a lightweight serum to help quicken the absorption process if a residue appears after massaging the dry shampoo powder.
  • Comb through your hair extensions with a fine tooth brush made with tourmaline bristles for a minimum of two minutes to work the shampoo into your scalp.
  • Freshen up your hair by adding a few drops of scented oil into your hair after you’ve combed it through.
  • Use a professional dry shampoo spray-in product or mousse for easier application.

Now that you know the basics of dry shampoo for hair extensions, you’ll be able to keep your hair looking healthy and radiant and avoid damage from over-shampooing.

Brazilian Blowout Treatments

A Brazilian blowout aims to give you smoother, shinier and more manageable hair, especially during the summer, where hot and humid weather might normally affect the quality of your hair. Although chemicals are used in the treatment, your hair will still feel natural. You will also still be able to use all of your favourite styling tools on it, including straightening irons and curling tongs.

How does this treatment work?
The treatment is designed to give your hair a protective coating, which seals the cuticles and smoothes them to prevent frizz and to maintain shine. To get the best effect out of the treatment, the user must first wash and shampoo their hair to ensure that the product is clean, and then the chemicals are applied. Once the products have been applied by your salon stylist, they can be heated using flat irons, so that the chemicals will be activated. Heating may be repeated to give the best possible effect and to seal in the product. After about 60 to 90 minutes, you hair will be successfully straightened, smooth and shiny.

Brazilian Blowout Aftercare
Once you have had your treatment, you may need to do some aftercare steps to ensure that it continues looking good for as long as possible. Using acai aftercare products is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you reap all of the benefits of the treatment. Many specialists will advise that you avoid using products on your hair which contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, because this chemical works in direct opposition to the blowout treatment chemicals, and will strip your hair of its protective layer. If you have any concerns about products that you are thinking of using, you should discuss this with your stylist before you use it. People who follow the proper maintenance routine can enjoy shinier, smoother and straighter hair for up to 3 months after the treatment. People who don’t follow salon advice or who use an inferior chemical straightening treatment may only enjoy 4 weeks of good hair.

Apply Makeup To Have Pouty Lips

You should start by applying a concealer on your rim. For ideal results, you should use a high quality brush. You should then line your lips using a high quality lip liner. To give an illusion of fuller and plump rims, you should apply the lip liner beyond your actual rims while taking care that you don’t overdo it.

After applying the lip liner, you should apply your mate lipstick. You should then apply your moisturizing lipstick on top of the mate lipstick. Finally, you should apply lip-gloss on top of the moisturizing lipstick.

To create a perfect look, you should apply a natural color lip-gloss onto your cupid’s bow. You should also apply the lip-gloss at the center of the bottom lips. Finally, you should use your brush to blend in your lip-gloss. When you are through you will have full, attractive lips.

Other Ways Of Having Pouty Rims

In addition to using the above process to have full rims, there are other ways that you can have sexy looking rims. Some of these ways include:

Using natural lip plumper: there are a number of products that you can use. The most common ones are: peppermint oil and lip balm. You should mix the two and apply the mixture on your rims. You should note that peppermint causes a tingling sensation and makes your lips swell temporality; therefore, you should use only small amounts of it.

Another great natural plumper that you can use is honey. When you apply honey on your rims, you moisturize and give them a smooth, shiny look.

Exfoliating the lips: there are many ways in which you can exfoliate the lips. One of the best ways is brushing the lips in small circular motions using your toothbrush. By brushing your lips, you stimulate blood flow thus making your lips appear fuller.

Another way of exfoliating your lips is by using a lip scrub. Here you need to mix two tablespoons of sugar and olive oil in a bowl. You should then gently massage the mixture on your lips in a circular motion for about 20 minutes.