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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Holistic Nutrition

You can follow a holistic approach to your nutrition and employing these tips will help you avert detrimental effects on your appearance. This may even boost your confidence. Here are three helpful tips for you:

1. Hydrate well

Many people forget to drink water and keep themselves hydrated constantly. This is a very important matter. Constant hydration helps in elimination of toxins, improving the elasticity of your skin, glowing of skin indicating good health, etc. Using a humidifier helps to maintain moisture levels at home. This may help avoiding your skin from drying out.

2. Say no-no to refined food products

Food markets are filled with sugary eats and processed foods. Consuming these tend to increase levels of inflammation in your body. This in turn results in congested digestive system that may interfere in effectively eliminating wastes from your body. You may end up with skin breakouts, clogged skin pores and brittle hair. You may instead switch to a diet of fresh produce, healthy oils and fresh water thus saving yourself from undesirable side effects from eating refined foods.

3. Rigorously follow regular juice cleanses

Regular fruit and vegetable juice cleanses helps in regulating the PH levels in your body. When proper acid levels are maintained in your body you can get rid of unwanted toxins, clean the important organs such as your skin, kidneys and liver. This will definitely give you a clear and glowing skin.

Online Makeup Tutorials

The first of ten benefits of online makeup tutorials is that they are very convenient to gain access to. All you have to do is be somewhere where you have an internet connection and then log on to your blog or YouTube channel of choice. You can do this from home, work, the train, the bus stop – basically anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection.

The second benefit of online makeup tutorials is that you have access to the advice of beauty gurus from all over the world. Before, we were very much limited to what was available on a national or sometimes continental level, but this has changed drastically with the internet. Now we can learn about what is fashionable in Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, New York, London, Sydney and beyond.

Another major advantage is that we no longer have to rely on the opinions of experts to get new ideas. Many ordinary girls are posting their own unique tips and tricks, making it possible to have access to some unusual and non-mainstream ideas.

Number four is that there are now more options for girls and women that do not fit into a certain mould. Got hooded eyelids? There is an online beauty guru for you. Do you have dark skin? There are now many beauty bloggers helping you find the right products and colours for your skin.

The fifth out of ten benefits of online makeup tutorials is that these are often free to access. Before, you would have to buy beauty magazines or books in order to get valuable information about how to wear makeup and which products to buy. Nowadays, there are many beauty blogs and YouTube tutorials which are completely free to use.

Another major advantage of following this type of online guide is that many of the girls who are running these blogs offer great discounts on their favorite products in partnership with beauty companies. By following them and participating in the debate on their blogs or channels, you often have the chance to get some great value price reductions on fantastic products.

A sixth benefit is that you can also often win fantastic products from competitions, and many beauty bloggers will offer the chance to win free gifts in addition to providing discounts. If you are looking to win a great prize, there is certainly no harm in following a few beauty bloggers and keeping your eyes out for the competitions and contests that they often run.

Another pro to following beauty bloggers and watching online tutorials is that you will stay up to date with all the latest products that are in the shops. Many bloggers will do reviews of new items, so you can figure out if they are worth spending your money on or not.

Similarly, an eighth advantage is that you can preview how products look before you buy. Many online gurus will try on different colours of makeup and different products, and you get to see how they look on a real person, rather than just how they look in their packaging.

The ninth benefit of online makeup tutorials is that you do not have to waste time trying to figure out for yourself the best techniques to use. Applying makeup well can be tricky, and thankfully there are many amateurs and professionals out there that can offer you advice so that you progress in your makeup techniques very quickly indeed.

Botox Treatment

Firstly everyone knows that Botox treatments are used to tighten the facial skin and cut the signs of aging. With the injection, the skin tightens and in turn, any fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. This makes a person look and feel younger as a result.

Botox treatment provides more than simply a beauty treatment. Over the years it has found that this injection can cut the pain when it comes to migraine headaches. Those who suffer from migraines will find some relief by having this particular treatment. This is very beneficial as with a migraine, the person may find themselves bed-ridden, unable to work, go outside or even manage their daily chores due to the pain experienced.

Further it is known that botox treatment is very effective in reducing sweat or perspiration. Anyone who is prone to perspiration on their face will find that the injections can help reduce this, which can be very beneficial for menopausal women who suffer from hot flushes, which can leave them with their make up running.

Another benefit of botox treatment, very interestingly, is the reduction in urinary tract infections. Anyone who is prone to these infections and find themselves suffering on a daily basis will find some relief when they join this treatment into their routine. You may never have associated botox with UTI, but it works and there is proven facts to show patients who are concerned about botox use on a regular basis.

Anyone suffering from an enlarged prostate will be interested to find that botox treatment can reduce the size considerably. In fact the botox injected directly into the prostate has had very positive results over the past few years and it has become quite a popular medical solution for patients suffering from enlarged prostate throughout the world.

New research is also being conducted to find how botox treatment will play a role in reducing arthritic pain and improving movement in patients on a global scale. It has been found that botox can help arthritis patients not only reduce pain they experience, but also help them improve movement as a whole on a daily basis.

There are certain important factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to botox treatment. The first is that it can become addictive, so you want to make sure that you are paying and getting the treatment for the right reasons. You don’t want to have it too often, as with any medication, the more you have, the less effective it becomes.

Next you want to ensure you find a qualified and experienced professional to carry out the treatment for you. Don’t rely on these back door specialists or at home services, rather go to a leading spa where the team are known to be respected and reputable. This will give you peace of mind and reduce any unwelcome side effects you could or may experience.

Use Beetroot for Pink Lips

Why would you choose to use beetroot? If you’ve ever eaten this vegetable, you know how it stains not just your lips, tongue and teeth a bright pink but your clothes and fingers too. But that’s not all. Beetroot works to clear up the pigmentation of your lips. Besides being natural, it’s also free of chemicals and inexpensive, so why not make the most of it? Beetroot for pink lips, did you say? Sure, why not?

Here are a few ways by which you can use beetroot for pink lips:

    • Extract beetroot juice: First, wash the beetroot well and peel it. Grate it over a muslin cloth and extract fresh juice from it, ensuring that it drops into a bowl below. Just like your mouth, this muslin cloth will stain too, so do wash it immediately. Now, use it in the following ways to get pink lips:
    • For soft pink lips: Mix a teaspoon of beetroot juice with a tablespoon of fresh cream and massage your lips for a few minutes at bedtime. Next morning, you will find that your lips are pink, plump and pretty. Do this for a week for best results.
    • To lighten dark and pigmented lips: Use a beetroot scrub to exfoliate your lips. For this, mix a tablespoon of beetroot juice with a teaspoon of sugar and an equal quantity of lemon juice. Scrub your lips with this using a circular motion. Keep at it for about 10 minutes and wash off with cool water. You will find your dark lips lightened, pigmentation and discoloration reduced and your lips with a pink hue.
    • For naturally red lips: For vibrant and luscious red lips with a natural sheen, mix equal quantities of beetroot juice and mint and a few drops of almond oil. Dip a cotton ball into the liquid and dab it onto your lips. Repeat twice during the day and watch for best results. You will find that the beetroot juice gives a rosy red hue to your lips while the mint juice energizes your dull lips and the antioxidants present in mint guards it from the harsh sun rays.
  • For bright pink lips: To use beetroot for pink lips, here’s another winning recipe. Combine one tablespoon of beetroot juice with an equal quantity of honey. Wet your lips with a piece of cotton and massage this liquid over your lips. Leave it on overnight. In the morning, you’ll notice your lips turning soft and pinkish. Continue this for a week to get naturally pink lips.